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Welcome to NY's Premier Equine Osteopathic

What is Equine Osteopathy?

"Equine Osteopathy is the specific application of the principles and standards developed in human osteopathy, translated, adapted and modified to the unique structure and physiology of the equine. Equine Osteopathy is a manual therapy that works successfully with veterinary medicine to aid horses in staying healthy even with the unnatural demands that are placed on them in their life with people."

-World Alliance of Equine Osteopaths


- Decrease in overall pain and inflammation responses

- Improvement in mental and physical performance

- Increase in blood circulation and lymphatic draining throughout the body

- Smoother range of motion throughout major joints, resulting in better stride length, gait expression, turn radius, etc.

- Increase in pulmonary and diaphragmatic movement, aiding in both breathing and performance longevity

- Ease of stomach/gastric issues including gastric ulcers and poor digestion

- Decrease in cranial pain and/or sinus pressure that may be causing focus or cognitive issues, behavioral issues, and/or sensory issues with hearing, balance, or sight, etc.

- Reduce muscle fatique and tie-up fits by decreasing toxin, free radical, and lactic acid build up within the fascia and muscle tissues.

- and much more...

What are the Benefits of Equine Osteopathy?


What makes us different?

Lead Therapist and Founder, Erin Bergold, uses a unique blend of rehabilitative techniques derived from both college education in Equine Sciences and Equine Rehabilitation, as well as multiple post-graduate courses and certifications accumulated over 10+ years of study.
Such courses, certifications, and continuing education include European-style Equine Osteopathy, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Maniuplation, Equine Sports Massage Therapy, Science of Exercise from University of Colorado, Equine Myofascial Release & Structural Integration, Acupressure, and Infrared Therapies.
This multifaceted therapeutic approach combined with a sincere appreciation of each horse's unique circumstances are what facilitates the feel and effectiveness "X Factor" has become known for, and is what can ultimately unlock your horse's x-factor.


"Erin has the trust and confidence of our entire farm. She is dedicated to finding the connections that others don't see. The hours she puts in to her work is impressive. We wouldn't have anyone else out to keep our horses going."
-Jonathan M.

"If you're looking for the most knowledgeable, effective, and intuitive practitioner for your horses, look no further than X Factor. You get answers to questions you didn't know you had."
Jan Y.

"We wanted to keep our old show horse comfortable, so we hired X Factor to come out and keep him limber. Ater 6 months of bodywork and protocols, he's firing harder and stopping bigger than he did when he was 5. A huge thanks to Erin for all her suggestions and hard work to bring our boy back." - Jim B.

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