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What Can Be Expected

of X Factor and What is Expected of the Client

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What can be Expected of X Factor Equine Performance, LLC:

1. Very thorough evaluations and findings.

  1. Remember, osteopaths don’t just look at select systems when performing their evaluations. Osteopaths are trained to evaluate and attend to all three foundational "pillars" of the anatomical system during every session. These "pillar" systems are listed below:

    1. The parietal system (musculo-skelatal, joints, etc.)

    2. The visceral system (organs)

    3. The craniosacral system (both fluidal and mechanical aspects)

  2. Accounting for each "pillar" of the body during a session allows the osteopath to map out and understand the specific visceral connections to the spine, motility of organs, and various limitations or restrictions within the craniosacral system.

    1. This makes for a very in-depth session as well as a more integrated, functional understanding of what the animal is experiencing.

  3. Simply put, it is only a true osteopathic session if each of the three systems are attended to during each session. Selecting only certain aspects of the three "pillars" to treat during a session, or simply eliminating the evaluation or treatment of one of the systems altogether defeats the purpose and perspective of an osteopathic treatment.

2. Quality and Quantity of information.

  1. Our lead osteopathic therapist, Erin Bergold, is what we refer to as an “external processor” (and no, we aren’t talking computer parts). This means she tends to verbally state or explain her findings as she discovers them as a part of her analytical process. 

    1. If you are the kind of person who enjoys listening to anatomical connections and interesting facts, you are in for a fun and educational session!

    2. Conversely, if you or your handler do not enjoy, or become easily overwhelmed by listening to so many anatomical connections and facts, it is the client’s responsibility to let your therapist know ahead of time so that conversational adjustments can be made during the session. We understand that the owner's state of mind during a session is just as valuable as the horse's. ​

3. Homeopathic suggestions.

  1. It is commonplace in an equine osteopathic session for the osteopath to suggest and/or relay herbal flushes, supports, protocols, or nutritional aids in relation to visceral disorders found during a given session. 

    1. This practice is in keeping with the philosophy of osteopathy’s founder, A.T. Still, regarding natural healing methods used to reinstate the body’s own natural homeostatic capabilities. --For more interesting information about osteopathic principles, see our “Intro to Osteopathy” blog.

  2. It should always be noted that they are suggestions, not prescriptions. X Factor is a non-veterinary service. Consulting with a veterinarian before enacting a change in diet or exercise is always advisable. 

  3. Further, all equine osteopathically-approved herbal and homeopathic protocols, flushes, tinctures, and/or supports are designed and endorsed by the head Homeopathic Veterinarian and instructor of Visceral Manipulation Techniques at the Vluggen Institute for Equine Osteopathy, Dr. Groves, of The Whole Horse Clinic. 

    1. For further information on any of the recommended protocols or flushes, feel free to consult Dr. Groves’s website, 

    2. If any owner or owner’s attending veterinarian would like to speak with Dr. Groves, EDO, please say so and our therapist can provide the number for her facility, The Whole Horse Clinic, in Garwood, TX.​

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4. A new perspective.

  1. Our lead osteopathic therapist, Erin Bergold, is a successful student, apprentice, and graduate of both colleges and private institutions located around the world (US, Europe, and Canada) in disciplines included but not limited to: Equine Osteopathy, Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral Therapy, Equine Myofascial release & Structural Integration, Equine Sports Massage Therapy, Acupressure, Equine Sciences, Exercise Science, and Equine Rehabilitation. As such, X Factor’s goal is to provide a comprehensive, alternative, and integrative perspective on problems an owner may be encountering with their equine companion. 

5. A “teamwork” approach to health.

  1. Osteopathy is an incredibly detailed discipline, and it got that way by being open to listening to what the body needs and simply providing it, whatever that may entail. It is in this spirit that X Factor not only welcomes but requires the professional assistance and teamwork of other disciplines in the health and wellness industry, such as veterinarians, acupuncturists, farriers/podiatrists, dentists, saddle fitters, nutritionists, herbalists, energy workers, trainers, and more. It is our belief that it really does “take a village,” and we all play a key part in the health and maintenance of the animals that rely on us.

What is Expected of the Client:

1. Trust and respect.

  1. X Factor is often hired for its educated and unique perspective in situations where owners or other health providers feel “stuck” and are in search of new ideas on how to handle a given issue. The decision to hire our services is both appreciated and respected, as we know there are many other health/therapy providers to choose from. We simply ask that in return, our findings--however unfamiliar they may sound at first--be recieved politely and in good faith that your horse's wellbeing is our priority at all times.

    1. Clients can rest assured that any information gained from a session with X Factor is a direct result of over a decade of domestic and international training under some of the most renowned specialists in the industry for both human and equine therapies. 

    2. When a client makes the decision to hire X Factor, they understand that all therapies provided will be done with the utmost care, knowledge, and empathetic consideration to what is best for the animal. If an animal's hard boundaries are reached during a given session, the attending therapist will calmly bring the session to a safe and respectful close so as not to stress the animal unnecessarily. It is at that time the therapist will discuss whether medical attention, sedation, or additional safety/calming protocols should be arranged before continuing with the animal. Physcial and mental safety for all parties are always paramount.

  2. We ask that clients remember our therapists are people too, and, like with many of us, they appreciate a kind and verbally safe working environment. If treated discourteously, X Factor therapists reserve the right to discontinue service to the client. 

  3. It is understood that if either the client or therapist decide not to complete a active or future osteopathic session, the party will state so politely and the session will be quickly and easily terminated so that all parties can resume their preferred methods of health management in an environment of safety and mutual respect.

2. Professionalism and candor.

  1. We understand that not all ownership/management situations are cut and dry. Partnerships, business arrangements, syndicates, multiple trainers, and even interpersonal family matters can make things complicated when trying to ascertain the facts of what is going on with the horse. However, in this light, we must insist that any and all known medical history about the subject horse–including, but not limited to pregnancy, cancer, immunological or autoimmune conditions, reportable diseases, fractures, tears, strains, surgeries, etc.--be revealed before the osteopathic evaluation begins as these will dictate the abilities and limitations of the therapist within the session or become cause for the session to be delayed until any applicable medical actions are performed. 

  2. Any examples of owners or managers willfully or knowingly withholding medical information about the subject animal, or placing the therapist in a position where they are expected to keep such knowledge secret from other owners/managers, will result in the termination of service between X Factor and the client due to breach of professional etiquette and safety procedures.

3. Communication and follow through.

  1. For the convenience of the client, X Factor provides a customized writeup of suggested exercises, herbal supports, and other therapeutic actions that will best serve your horse between sessions. This set of suggestions–especially in regards to veterinary lab tests, x-rays, and herbal flushes–are key to the continued osteopathic progress of your horse. 

  2. If a client is unable to find, obtain, or administer any of the suggested herbal/nutritional products, the client should reach out to X Factor as we may be able to provide assistance or alternative suggestions.

  3. If the therapist informs the client that the animal can no longer progress osteopathically until certain protocols, tests, images, or flushes are performed, the client cannot be re-booked until said suggestions have been completed.

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